3,60 x3,60

Winners 1st PRIZE | Summer 2018 - December 2018 | Situation: Russia

3 buildings, 3 strategies. They are in Russia. Its climate is quite extreme, having very low temperatures in winter and very high ones in summer, having no spring or autumn. For having a good living life, is important to control these.It is also important to keep in mind the constructability giving a response to the climate but also to the environment impact that will make these constructions. Wood buildings are a good strategy. It is a renewable source of material. Working with wood allows you to construct with prefabricated structures so that you can have a higher quality, with less time of construction, and a higher control of the final product. Furthermore, if the module is always the same size and material, the process is much more efficient, lowering considerably the final investment. Wood can also be regarded as an isolation material. This will help us fighting against Russia’s extreme climate. We came up with a solution that gives a proper response to all those key points. Everything is reduced to the module we came up with. 3,60 x 3,60 x 3,60m. This is the module we start from, and the one that generates all the typologies. We settle a grid, not orthogonal to have more and better relation between modules. This grid can be easily extended if needed. In terms of constructability and environmental friendliness, all the modules can be constructed in the factory, and once produced, they just have to be assembled in the construction site. This guarantees a higher precision during the construction and a better finished. Thanks to the apartments layout, using this grid, they can offer lots of different combination, and the possibility of growing and adding a room to the apartment if needed. The adaptability of this system allows the dweller to feel the apartment as his own. They are the ones who decide how they want to live, and how they want their apartment to be. Where to put the bedroom, where to put the dining room and the living room etc. They will have one thing in common. All rooms are connected through the kitchen, being the central core of life, and so, of the apartment.


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