Charged Void

Award: Honorable mention | December 2017 | Situation: Barcelona

Ciutat Vella, located within the core of Barcelona, is organized by narrow streets, connecting public squares distributed all around. The building proposed to work with is within this Barcelona area. It faces two sides with very different characteristics. On one side it faces an important urban street, such as Via Laietana. On the other side, it stands in front of a pedestrian square: Plaça de Víctor Balaguer, connecting with pedestrian streets straight to Santa Maria del Mar. The project deals with all these conditions having retail space in both sides. On the Via Laietana side, is quite bigger as a response to the street’s scale, meanwhile the retail area facing the square is much smaller matching the urban scale of Ciutat Vella. The building’s façade is opened to the square, blurring the edge between interior and exterior. In terms of isolation, the west façade has a double skin. It will help to have an isolation from the street noise, but also from both, hot and cold. The façade above Victor Balaguer square, does not need this feature, ad will have a more direct contact towards the exterior. Barcelona has lately suffered a tourist overcrowding, and the price for renting has increased significantly. Thys, the project seeks getting a sense of community. To do so, some parts of the building have to be demolished. The dwelling unit is composed by two parts. A constructed area, acting as a hinge between the communal and the private space. It has a very basic structures and utilities that the dwelling needs. Juxtaposed to it, there is a charged void, a flexible and adaptable space, designed for being everything that the dweller needs it to be. The constructed hinge is conceived as a basis which can even expand if the dweller needs to.
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