Finalist | February 2017 | Situation: Korea Demilitarized Zone

A temporal slip is proposed. A space free from ideologies, a place where to get to know what has been unknown and avoided so far, a place where to take your clothes, your ideas and your prejudices off. Due to the impossibility for the people to cross the border, the project welcomes them in their respective countries, thanks to “Jangma” (the Korean word given to the Korean monsoon). During June and July, 3 regions of both sides are flooded, and thus, they turn into a free temporal circulating path. Its perimeter is a circle so there’s not a unique entrance to the complex; it’s not where people come from but where they are going. The itinerary becomes a trip from the top part with cold pools, towards the lower part of the whole complex, with saunas and hot water pools. The floorplan layout is circular, but it’s the height difference which generates the great variety of spaces. It all becomes a place of opportunity, where no limits are present. The project takes advantage of this isolation between both countries, to provide everything that in the inner state has been forbidden.

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